Become a part of WOODWORK EXPO!

Woodwork Expo 2023 guiding themes:

  • The crisis of the construction industry and its impact on the development of wooden construction
  • Wooden housing estates in Europe: development investments in wooden housing construction
  • Automation of production and CNC technologies: Consequences of changes in the labor market
  • Education, schooling, raising qualifications, i.e. an analysis of the necessary investments in human resources in the wood industry
  • Electricity and heat using wood fuel: eco-solutions and proposals for producers
  • Packaging and storage technologies, or how to function in accordance with the obligations related to the recycling of packaging
  • New markets for products: How to run economic missions, where to look for funding
  • Subsidies and support programs for the wood industry: news overview

Become our speaker

  • The duration of the presentation is 45minutes

    Time includes presentation time, summary and any questions. People exceeding the time limit will be informed about the need to end the lecture in a discreet way.

  • Presentations take place on the main stage

    The main stage is located in the exhibition space. The stage is equipped with all the necessary materials.

  • The number of presentations is limited

    Due to the number of interested, the submitted topics will be verified. You will receive an e-mail from us with information about the performance (or non-performance) on the stage.

  • The presentation must be substantive

    We are not looking for sales presentations that will only promote a product or service and speeches based only on theory. Our audience knows the industry, so share your knowledge with concrete examples!