24-26 May 2023, Kraków

Woodworking, Sawmilling, Manufacturing,
Wooden Construction






Woodwork Expo Trade Fair

For three days between 24 and 26 May 2023, Expo Kraków will change into a throbbing hub for wood and furniture industry professionals. The event will have a rich agenda full of unique content prepared in response to the actual needs of wood-processing companies in our region.



 We catch trends and changes as they emerge.


We help the industry create a space to confront ideas and experience.


Knowledge-sharing drives growth. And there is no greater concentration of knowledge than that found at a trade show.


    Manufacturers and distributors of specialised technologies and manufacturing solutions for the wood industry (manufacturing, distribution, production optimisation, energy optimisation)

    Manufacturers and distributors of furniture accessories, furniture panels, finishing materials, wood maintenance products, etc.

    Companies specialised in innovative manufacturing and automation optimisation solutions

    Solution providers for companies that extract raw materials, organise transport and product management

    Packing, storage, internal transport technologies

    Processing tool conservation equipment

    Sawdust extraction and storage systems

    Distributors and importers of sawn wood and semi-finished products

    CNC technologies

    Robotics and digital manufacturing management

    Wood-based heat and power generation


    Sawmills, woodworking shops

    Furniture companies, upholsterers

    Exterior architecture manufacturers

    Construction companies, installation companies, investors, developers, general contractors

    Entrepreneurs interested in the optimisation and automation of industrial production in the wood industry

    Companies looking for innovative technologies

    Entrepreneurs looking for growth and energy optimisation

    Architects, wooden construction industry representatives

    Joinery manufacturers

    Companies promoting wooden and prefabricated construction

    Manufacturers of wooden accessories and semi-finished products

    Wood extracting companies, transport companies

    Semi-professionals and hobbyists trying to enter the professional market

    Sawmill / Wood transport Woodworking Shop / Industrial production Furniture manufacturing / Robotics and Automation Wooden Construction / Eco-solutions

Woodworking traditions in Lesser Poland

The history of many local sawmills and woodworking shops has followed a very similar course: in the 1970s and 1980s, the majority were family-run microenterprises providing wood milling services to locals. The political transformation drove up the demand for wood and semi-finished wood products considerably. In the wake of 1989, companies had to professionalise their manufacturing processes, and in the 21st century, they began to experiment with exports and automation. Today, the top Lesser Poland wood producers lead the fray among the largest wood companies in Poland, and regional furniture manufacturers rank among the country’s top exporters, promoting Polish products across the globe. The long and dynamic wood manufacturing chain also includes many small and medium-sized enterprises popular with many consumers.

Inspired by the deep-rooted traditions and economic success of the wood and furniture industry in our region, we want to launch a regular trade show to strengthen the position of local enterprises and have a real impact on development and innovation in the dynamic wood market in Poland.




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