Trade Fair

Trade Fair


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Thematic scope

  • Sawmill technologies (sawn timber production), machines for sawing wood and processing round wood - saws, band saws, circular saws, chippers, cutting machines, edgers, wood debarking machines

    Roundwood transport, raw material management - log transporters, storage systems, cranes, devices for measuring and optimizing wood, feeders, devices for determining logs, detecting and removing metal from raw material, sorting stations, roller conveyors, feeders, lumber packaging systems, portable log saws, measuring devices, humidity meters

    Drying and impregnation of wood - drying kilns, container dryers, vacuum dryers, wood steaming devices. Impregnation equipment, chemicals

    Packaging technology - packaging machines, technologies and foiling lines

    Internal transport technology - fork lifts, feeding devices, roller conveyors, transport trolleys, storage trolleys, roller stands, feeding devices, belt conveyors, stacking and packaging stations.

  • Storage of sawn timber, carpentry semi-finished products - rack systems, open warehouses

    Equipment for the maintenance and production of tools - sharpeners, files, lathes, machines for the maintenance of band saws, grinders for planer knives, sharpeners for cutters, sharpeners universal tools, tool sharpening discs, machines for cleaning carpentry equipment

    Machining equipment - cutting, planing, grinding, gluing, forming, milling, chiselling, drilling

    CNC machine tools: drills, lathes, milling machines

    Finger jointing technology, tenoners

    Sawdust extraction and storage systems

    Timber - domestic and exotic - distributors and producers

    Chemistry for carpentry - glues, stains, dyes, materials for furniture renovation, waxes, putties

    Compressors, pneumatic drive systems.

  • Compressors, pneumatic drive systems

    Veneer production - sawing machines, prism planers for veneer cutting, veneer peelers, veneer rolling and sorting devices, veneer dryers, guillotines

    Production of laminates and foils - laminate presses, cutting shears, glue application machines, longitudinal gluing machines, measuring and optimizing machines

    Production of veneer plywood, production of chipboards, fibreboards and OSB

    Recycling machines - lamination, chipping, gluing of wood

    Robotics - feeding, palletizing, connecting, varnishing robots, spraying machines, machining centers, multi-operational machines

    Electronic devices for data processing and furniture production management

    Furniture accessories - guides, rails, handles, locks, hinges, other furniture mechanisms.

  • Machines used in the construction of prefabricated houses - machines for the production of wooden structures, machines for the production of solid wood panels, machines for the production of floor and ceiling linings, automatic nailers, truss systems, steel fasteners, multi-processing machines

    Hand tools - saws, planes, chisels, cutting tools, measuring tools

    Waste recycling facilities - pellet presses, briquetting presses

    Generation of electricity and heat using wood fuel

    Joinery machining centers.